Realize a finely created product

Glasshouse Projects is a boutique firm specialising in high-end residential projects, renovations, commercial and retail spaces, providing architectural design as well as project management and construction services.

The advantage of using Glasshouse is that we not only design your space but we can assist you to build it too. Unlike traditional architecture practices, we provide a complete design and construction service, with clients dealing with one person at all stages of their project- from initial concept design, through council planning, to selections, construction, right up until handover of keys.

Glasshouse was founded by architect Don Iannicelli, who after working for more than 12 years in architecture and construction, found there was a lack of integration, knowledge and service when not only designing, but also creating high-end, one-off projects. 'I found over again that many architects are very strong with design, but the execution, the creation of that space, didn't always completely translate the integrity of the design. Many builders, unfortunately, have a limited understanding of the creative process-architect nor builder are speaking the same language. In the end it’s the client that loses out.'

"We believe that a space has to be timeless- a creation of an enduring elegance. There is a very subtle line between finely conceived design and unfailing practicality. Spaces that are the most beautiful are those that are formatively influenced, classically proportioned, sustainable and light filled." / Don Iannicelli, Director

Glasshouse aims to create a truly client centric service, where clients are guided and have ultimate control over their project. There are no 'fixed in contracts’, rather it is a fluid, flexible process, a process that allows true craftsmanship. But that isn't to say that clients don't have cost certainty, because Glasshouse understands that this always needs to be the guiding principle.

Having a complete understanding of the building process allows Glasshouse to create an intrinsic design from the start, something that works with your budget to begin with. Glasshouse provides clients with budget summaries at the sketch design stage, even before the application for planning is lodged. The process is completely transparent. 

Founded in 2009 by Director Don Iannicelli, a Registered Architect, Glasshouse runs a team of dedicated design and construction professionals. Prior to establishing Glasshouse, Don worked in one of South Australia's premier architecture firms as a Senior Architect. Later in his career, he headed up the company's construction arm, building many of the State's truly iconic homes and retail spaces. He has worked on projects ranging from $500,000 through to $4 million, a mix of unique one-off homes, residential and commercial developments and retail projects.

Widely recognised for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail, Glasshouse Projects has won the coveted Master Builders Building Excellence Awards for four of our projects.  In 2022, our Pear Tree House was also awarded the National Building and Construction Award for Best Renovation over $1 million.