A process which guides you from inception to creation. A journey that is tailored, flexible and thorough

We understand that starting a new project, whether a new home, a renovation, or the creation of retail or commercial space can be daunting. The uncertainty of the end product, the cost, the time and inconvenience can be stressful and a great deal of trust is needed in people, whether they are designers, builders, sales people or trades.

Glasshouse was founded to counteract the limitations of traditional design + construction methods. The advantage of using Glasshouse is that we not only design your space but we can assist you to build it too.

We have significant construction experience, with a record for being able to translate sophisticated design into reality- within budget and to the standard you expect, and that we are continually proud of.

Giving you complete peace of mind, our Construction Management service handles the complete construction process, including all building approvals, financial feasibility and budget documentation, selection of materials, finishes and fittings, organisation of quotes and tenders for products and services, trades management and construction supervision, ultimately achieving complete design integrity.

As a recognition of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship,  we have been awarded the coveted Master Builders Building Excellence Awards for four of our projects, including a National Award for Best Renovation.   

"Glasshouse was founded to counteract the limitations of traditional design + construction methods which can be frustrating for clients, especially in that often they are passed from salesperson, to designer/architect, to construction manager to site supervisor. The process can be rigid, with locked in contracts and heavy penalties for changing aspects of the project once construction has begun. Glasshouse aims to create a truly client centric service, where clients are guided and have ultimate control over their project. Clients deal with one person throughout the complete process and there are no 'fixed in contracts', rather it is a fluid, flexible process, a process that allows true craftsmanship." / Don Iannicelli, Director